Feeding Kern County

The state of food availability, access and affordability in the breadbasket of the world

Tackling the interconnected issues of food insecurity, access to food and health outcomes in Kern County is vital for the well-being and health of the community. It requires a comprehensive and well-rounded approach, which includes implementing policy changes, raising community awareness and supporting initiatives focused on making nutritious food more available.

Addressing food insecurity is not merely a moral duty; it’s also essential for societal welfare and public health. A multifaceted approach is needed to alleviate the related health and economic hardships and to establish healthier and more equal communities, emphasizing the urgency for swift and sustained solutions.

food deserts

Challenges Faced by Individuals Trying to Access Food: Food Deserts and Food Swamps

  • In “food deserts,” access to fresh, affordable, healthy, and culturally appropriate/span> foods are limited.
  • In “food swamps,” the food that is available (e.g., through fast food retailers) is often cheap, but it is highly processed, calorie-dense, and nutritionally deficient.