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Cut your energy use and reduce your future utility bills with free Weatherization services

One of the best ways to make your energy costs more affordable is to complete energy efficiency upgrades. CAPK’s Energy Programs provide free Weatherization services to eligible families, so that you can make your home more energy efficiency and better afford your future energy bills.

Every year, we help more than 1,000 local families with energy efficiency upgrades. To qualify, you must reside in Kern County and have a total household income at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty income guidelines.

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Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Upgrades

CAPK’s Weatherization program can help make your home more energy efficient with the following upgrades:

  • Refrigerator replacement (Requires an evaluation to see if your existing refrigerator qualifies for replacement)
  • Putting in attic Insulation
  • Weatherstripping around doors
  • Installing door shoes and thresholds
  • Caulking all doors and windows
  • Installing low-flow shower heads and aerators
  • Installing Water heater blankets
  • Installing Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Checking the safety of all gas appliances
  • Installing a set-back thermostat for your heater and air conditioner
  • Duct testing of forced air heating and cooling systems
  • Installing smoke alarms
  • Limited minor home repairs

Weatherziation services and energy efficiency upgrades are installed according to the home assessment performed by our team. All installations are contingent upon feasibility, as determined by CAPK.

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What documents are required to apply for Weatherization?

Your application must include a completed Energy Intake Form (CSD43), Client or Customer Consent (CSD081) and Client Education Form. In addition, you must provide the following documentation:

  1. Proof of income for every member of your household for the month prior to the application. Your most current bank statement may be used to show your social security direct deposit.
  2. Copies or originals of your most recent energy bill. If you pay gas and electric separately, you must provide both bills.
  3. If you are a renter, your property owner or their representative must sign an Energy Service Agreement for Rental Property Owner (CSD 515C), an energy service agreement that gives CAPK permission to weatherize the property.

Make an appointment to see if you qualify for Weatherization and free energy efficiency upgrades

To find out if you qualify for weatherization services, call 2-1-1 or 661-336-5203. There’s no cost to see if you qualify, and any assistance you receive doesn’t have to be paid for.