Utility Assistance

Local assistance paying your electricity, gas and propane bills

Energy costs continue to rise. If you’re falling behind on your bills, CAPK’s Energy Programs may be able to help you pay for your electricity, gas and propane bills through our Utility Assistance program. Through our Utility Assistance program, we help more than 8,000 families each year.

To qualify for the program, you must reside in Kern County, have a total household income at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty income guidelines and have a utility bill with at least 22 days of service. For assistance with your propane bills, you must also have an estimate from a propane company for the cost to fill your tank.

Utility Assistance can only be paid once in a twelve month period.

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How does the Utility Assistance program work?

Our Energy Programs team works to make the process as simple as possible for you. Once you submit a completed application with all required documentation, we review your application to determine which programs you’re eligible for. After reviewing your application, we work to ensure you receive the most assistance possible. Utility Assistance is usually paid within 8 weeks directly to your utility company.

What documents are required to apply for Utility Assistance?

Your application must include a completed Energy Intake Form (CSD43), Client or Customer Consent (CSD081) and Client Education Form.

You must also submit the following documentation:

Current Proof of Household Income

  • Government aided statement – TANF/Cal-Fresh Passport to Services, Social Security, Unemployment, Veterans, Disability, and Educational.
  • Earned income – all paystubs received in the last 30 days
  • Unearned income – Child support, Spousal support, Adoption/Foster Care assistance
  • Self Employed – must have current income tax information
  • Pension/Retirement statement
  • Certification of Income and Expenses (CSD43B), if required per technician

Utility Bill

  • Provide all pages of your utility bill and any notices you have received in the past 30 days. If you have separate gas and electric companies, you must provide both utility bills.
  • Bills must have at least 22 days in the billing cycle.

Rental Agreement or Mortgage

  • Rental agreement including proof of Low Income Housing (Housing Authority), Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8)
  • Mortgage payment statement

Proof of Identification

  • Valid Social Security Card with no restrictions, and
  • Valid State I.D, or
  • Valid Driver’s License

Make an appointment to see if you qualify for Utility Assistance

To find out if you qualify for assistance with your utility bills, call 2-1-1 or (661) 336-5203. There’s no cost to see if you qualify, and any assistance you receive doesn’t have to be paid back.